Ascension of the Alarcon


Sensing that an ugly fight is standing in front of them, Amadon mentally prepares herself for battle. She is suddenly taken aback as the alarcon appears around her neck and she is instantly reconnected to the artifact and essence within it.

The Necromancer's Orb

With the understanding of how dire the situation is, Amadon and the group head to the Necromancer’s lair to recover the orb that Alarca needs. When the mist lightens but doesn’t actually clear, everyone feels this uneasy sense that seems to permeate the mist and group around them. It is unearthly silent here and there is a sense of absence; absence of life, absence of light, absence of good. The mist, although still lingering, lifts so that it is hanging above their heads, like a heavy blanket just waiting to settle down and suffocate them. Looking around, Amadon sees a large grassy area that has a scattering of trees. She starts heading straight for the center of it.

As they approach near a huge tree, they are able to see the nooses hanging down from the lower branches all around the tree. They continue on until, as Scrael walks by the tree, a noose swings out and grabs Scrael. At nearly the same instant, Metshina bursts into flames and expands into her huge fungus form. Amadon is hit by a branch as Devin is grabbed by another rope. Black mist starts seeping up from the ground. Silvan frees Devin but injures him in the process, as Scrael climbs the rope and breaks the branch holding the rope that grabbed him. Devin casts a healing spell and Amadon notices the bark ripple and a split appear on the tree. With the new information, Amadon uses her healing touch on the tree and it audibly groans in pain. Kardak, Randoral, and Gavin all attack the tree and in a final tree splintering attack, Metshina, still in her huge, burning fungus form stomps on the tree crushing whatever remained into a fine, dusty pulp.

The group continues forward about 100’ when they see a massive crater with smoke coming out of a hole in the center. Pulling out the guide bat Alarca gave them, Amadon strides forward toward the center of the crater. The bat indicates that they need to continue down the hole. Holding the end of the magic rope, Amadon braces herself so everyone can climb down with her last bringing the end of the rope with her.

Inside the pit, there is an overwhelming stench that permeates everything, including the knee deep water the group is standing in. Devin casts day light allowing everyone to become aware of the large brown lumps floating in the putrid water.

The bat indicates that we need to continue going downwards. Amadon nods at Scrael who takes a deep breath and dives until the water. The thick waves of Scrael’s departure cause one of the brown lumps to lightly bump into Silvan’s leg. Suddenly, the brown lump shoots up out of the water and tries to bite him and then plunges under the water.

Scrael reappears and tells everyone to follow him and then dives back under again. A second brown worm jumps onto Randoral and attaches to her side. Amadon grabs the attached worm and casts chill touch. She then uses her claws to pry the attached worm off Randoral. Amadon and Devin instantly get to work on Randoral, realizing that the nasty wound on her side is mummy rot. Between the two of them, they are able to get all the nastiness removed and finally heal Randoral.

Amadon quickly has everyone tie the magic rope around themselves so no one gets separated, and has Kardak grab the slowest swimmer. Everyone takes the plunge into the water. They swim through the long tunnel, barely making it to the end before they run out of breath.

As everyone is emerging from the water, Amadon hears combat and with no visual on Scrael, she has a pretty good idea who is fighting! Amadon quickly moves forward the rest of the way out of the water and sees Scrael surrounded by skeletons. Devin walks up next to Amadon, raises his holy symbol, and says a prayer to his Goddess. The skeletons shatter into a dust that quickly settles to the floor.

Everyone gathers together and then continue on. A little ways further down, they run into a split in hallway. Amadon pulls the bat back out and it indicates between the two hallways. Taking this to mean that both hallways lead around, Amadon takes the right path. Following the hallway, it eventually leads into a large open room where there is a woman crouched down with her back to the entrance. Amadon steps forward and the woman stands and turns around. The woman smiles and says to the group how it has been a long time since she has had guests.

The Catch Up

Disclaimer: It has been months since we have played and I haven’t updated since before then. I apologize for any discrepancies.

Amadon and Scrael spend some time discussing the ramifications of her statement and decide that they will work through whatever happens. Amadon goes into the clearing to talk with Alarca while Scrael gathers everyone together so they can head to the next star point.

The star point control room is blocked by a huge metal statue. As Amadon approaches the giant statue, it drops the giant shield it is holding, blocking Amadon’s path to the door. It only takes Amadon a second to understand the gravity of the situation. They cannot defeat this guardian. They are going to have to get past it.

Amadon sends everyone in going different directions to try to lure the statue away from the doorway, to no avail. After an intense and brief battle, Amadon has everyone withdraw and regroup away from the area the statue protects. After some discussion, everyone moves back in and battle continues. The statue eventually drives his shield into the stone completely blocking the doorway that Amadon needs to get through. Scrael and Randoral take it upon themselves, literally, to get the shield out of the way so Amadon can get through. It takes a lot of effort and nearly their lives, but they are able to move the shield enough that Amadon can break through the door and into the star point room. She gets the information and items she needs from the Urugal spirit there and then runs out. She calls everone to retreat and the statue returns to it’s position standing vigil in front of the shattered door.

The group returns to Alarca who sends them to their next objective at the next star point. The next point is easier to access for the group, the easy part ends there. The dwarves lead the group down into the depths of the mountain to a set of huge doors. The group goes through. It doesn’t take them long to find the door to the star point room. Alarca warned Amadon that this guardian will not be like the others. She will not be able to fight her way through. She will have to negotiate diplomatically, something Amadon severely lacks skill in.

The room is filled with braziers with large fires burning in them. Out of one of the fires a giant demon arises. Amadon and the demon lord go back and forth for a little while. Eventually they settle on an agreement. Amadon will free the demon to return to his home world. She will then sacrifice the souls of those that she kills to the demon to aid him in beginning to rebuild his power. To make sure that all the terms of the agreement are kept, Amadon uses a wish from an Ifrit and just to make sure she doesn’t get screwed over by him, she makes another deal with the Ifrit. His freedom in exchange for the best results of the wish. The demon lord calls his champion and Amadon chooses Devin to be hers. Devin defeats the champion and everything falls into place. The demon is sent home, the Ifrit is freed, and Amadon gets into the star point. The only unexpected happening at this point is when the Ifrit marks Amadon as a friend to the Ifrit and gives her his real name so she may locate him if need be.

Once inside the star point chamber, Amadon activates the process for a temporary Guardian until a new one can be located, which Alarca takes care of when they return. With the star points opened, there are only a few things left until Amadon and her friends can reclaim the Alarcon and return home. They rest for the night and Amadon and Alarca discuss the next steps. In the morning, the group heads out to a place of great evil.

The Trumpets Sound...

After Amadon returns the group to the gates of the goblin city, she takes flight and goes seeking Skill. She finds her a ways away, wounded but alive. Amadon gathers up Skill and her dire wolf mount and takes them back to the others. Still under attack from the goblin defenses, Amadon puts Gavin in charge of everyone as they take on a black knight riding a nightmare horse. Amadon herself turns to take on the t-rex that crashes out of the forest into the clearing. 12 seconds later, standing in what is left of the t-rex, Amadon hears trumpets from the gates that are slowly opening. The black knight pulls off and leaves. Goblins begin puring out of the gate as Amadon rejoins her companions. The goblins continue flowing out of the gate, until at the end of the procession comes into view with a huge goblin wearing a large crown steps into view. He asks why they are attacking the goblins. Amadon explains that she needs entrance into the goblin city. The king of the goblin starts to respond, but Amadon interrupts him by asking what the low rumbling noise she is hearing is. As everyone starts looking around, a metal looking object crashes into the goblin king and the Prince, killing them. The goblins attack Amadon and her companions. In the crater of the impact, Amadon sees a spiky metal man. She goes down and introduces herself and helps the metal man up. Recognizing the name of the plane he is from, but not the race, Amadon is not sure what to make of him and doesn’t have time to figure it out as she hits the air to defend her people from the goblins. The battle is brief and finally the oldest goblin Amadon has ever seen shouts for everyone to stop. He tells Amadon he will take her to where she wants to go if she will stop killing goblins. Amadon agrees and the old goblin, excruciatingly slow, leads them to the star point sphere. Amadon activates the sphere and speaks with the Urugal spirit. She sends everyone back to the outside while she finishes her conversation with the urugal and then joins them outside. On her way out, she asks if any of the goblins have seen Gunner. They say they have not. Outside, Amadon approaches the spiky metal man. He agrees to join them if they will work on a way to get him back home. Alarca takes everyone to the clearing where Scrael and Salvin (the metal man) spar…with a little interference from Amadon. Impressed with his fighting skills, Amadon welcomes him into her group of companions. They rest for the night, everyone silently aware of the absence of both Valaxtrathin and Gunner. In the morning, Amadon feels AmadonCC make contact with her. After a minute of silence, Amadon looks up at Scrael, “I’m going to be Queen.”

Damn Puppet

Metshina vanishes as arrows come flying from the edge of the woods outside of the goblin city. Amadon, Devin and Scrael teleported in an attempt to find Metshina…leaving Valaxtrathin, Skill, Randoral and Rhovanel to combat goblins and whatever is shooting the arrows from the wood line. Valaxtrathin, Skill and Rhovanel are confronted by what seems to be a fire goblin taunting us from the woods, determined to kill him Rhovanel and Valaxtrathin go after him with haste with Skill shortly behind them…while Randoral is last seen attacking something in the tree line. Chasing this goblin up a tree, through some thorny hedge and finally into a clearing where he decided to hide from us, only occasionally popping up to start the forest on fire… Rhovanel and Valaxtrathin will not let this happen! After putting out as much of the threatening fires as possible Rhovanel tries to communicate with the plants to see where our little goblin nemesis is hiding (COWARD). With no help from the plants in the area Rhovanel sends an animal messenger to Amadon to let her know we need her help, then we continue our desperate attempt to find the goblin…but they notice there is no sign of Skill who we thought was right behind us? Valaxtrathin thinks he sees the goblin and he takes off after the him but Rhovanel is confronted with an annoying wooden puppet. Obviously no match for Rhovanel she kills the toothpick with fire and removes his wooden club arms for future use and fun. Very excited with her quick battle and new clubs Rhovanel turns her attention to Valaxtrathin to show him but he is no longer there. Shortly after he disappears from her sight Amadon, Metshina, Devin and Scrael appear…seeing me alone in the clearing with many questions Rhovanel has no answers for. Metshina starts tracking Valaxtrathin where we discover we were not alone during our chase of the goblin and destruction of the wooden puppet. The only thing that is left of Valaxtrathin is a faint hint of where he was last standing and being obvious that he had completely disappeared and not from his own doing. Rhovanel now realizes the puppet was a distraction to get her away from him so that whatever or whomever could take him. Where is V and Skill for that matter? Unfortunatly we all realize we can’t do anything for Valaxtrathin and hunting through the massive woods to find Skill is pointless at this moment, we all make our way back to the goblin city with the use of Amadons amazing wings.

Where the hell is Metshina?!

Amadon starts to head towards the tree line when she sees Metshina disappear. She turns to Devin and yells at him to find her. with no success on his first attempt, Amadon urges Devin to to try again. This time he is able to locate her and the scrying shows her unconscious on the ground, if not dead. Amadon reacts instantly, placing a hand on Devin and the other on Scrael and teleporting to Metshina. Amadon instantly sees the body of a man leaning over Metshina taking her belongings. She is aware of the others in cavern but she addresses the man. She tells him that those aren’t his belongings and she would do that if she were him. He responds by attacking Amadon. There is a very brief struggle in which two of the man’s little group are left alive. Amadon looks them over and then offers them their lives. They take her up on the offer and run. Devin begins to work on Metshina shile Amadon starts shoveling the large pile of treasure she had been watching the entire time, into her portable hole. Once Metshina is back with them, Amadon looks at Devin and tells him she wants to know if Metshina is still pregnant as soon as he can find out. Then she teleports everyone back to the rest of their companions. At least where she left them.

Where is David Bowie?!

Unaware of how the second Council meeting went, Amadon focuses her attention to the task at hand. Her and the companions need to open the first star point in the Otherworld. When everyone is prepared to go, a mist surrounds them and they appear on the road leading to the first point. Remembering the way, Metshina, Rhovanel, and V, run ahead, supposedly scouting, more playing. Amadon takes the opportunity to share with the Heroes everything that happened with the Council meeting, making sure that Kardak knows everything that is going on. As she is wrapping up the details, Metshina comes running up and announces that there are two towers in the distance. Amadon explains that it is the Goblin City where they are going. When they reach the two towers and gate, a goblin yells down that we are trespassing on Goblin lands and need to leave. Amadon informs the goblins that she needs to speak with their King. The Goblin that first spoke is hung upside down from the tower on a chain. Amadon goes and grabs him and brings him to the ground. The other two goblins teleport, leaving their companion. Amadon interrogates the goblin using Metshina as a threat. The goblin tries repeatedly to kill himself. He explains that the city is under the gate. About 60’ under the gate. Amadon has Gunner teleport down. When he doesn’t reappear, she send Rhovanel in spirit form. Rhovanel reappears shortly and informs Amadon she found nothing. Remembering the layout of the first star point in the material realm, Amadon tries to teleport but is instantly returned to her starting point. She has two ideas at this point…dig or teleport. She is planning on trying to teleport into different areas of the star point; the entry stairs, the urugal chamber, etc.


While events in the Otherworld are taking place, AmadonCC begins preparing for the Dragon Council meeting. After her agreement with the Blue Sire, she comes to realize that she is in a bad situation. By supporting his plan for the complete withdrawal of the Dragons, herself, Kardak, and Kurgen will have to leave as well. Unable to accept this, AmadonCC begins trying to find a way out of her situation. AmadonCC goes through a few contacts, finding out if they have anything they want said at the Council. Afterwards, she meets up with her Grandfather and they go to the Council. AmadonCC tries to follow the rules of the Council, but lacking the knowledge and understand of a Dragon, she quickly realizes that her role there cannot be met. She sees herself as a half-blood, not just a dragon. She manages to thoroughly offend the Council and the Blue Sire. She leaves the Council angry and frustrated. She knows her Grandfather is upset with her and decides it is time the half bloods move on. They have worn out their welcome. She tells Myradiel to get everyone ready to move and teleports to Vinswold. It is there she realizes the full consequences of her error with the Blue Sire. Vinswold is leveled. The castle ruins are littered with the corpses of her beloved Rakathan friends. She teleports to the village to find it leveled as well and among the corpses of the villagers is the little boy Amadon has grown to love so much. She can’t let this stand. She has to fix this. AmadonCC makes contact with Amadon. Amadon quickly realizes she needs Alarca’s help. Alarca and Amadon cast a ritual that creates an alternate timeline, allowing AmadonCC to redo the Council meeting. AmadonCC tries to spend more time gathering information and preparing for the Council meeting. AmadonCC heads to the Council meeting a little more confident, but still unsure exactly what she is doing…and it shows. She once again manages to offend the Council. This time, when she leaves, she goes directly to Vinswold. She is visibly relieved when she arrives and the castle is still standing. She goes to the parlour to find the Blue Sire in kobold form sitting in a chair. She is so angry she can barely keep her composure. She asks if she can sit. He points out it is her place. She offers him a drink, which he declines. When hers arrives she tells the keeper to make sure her “guests” downstairs stay down there no matter what they hear upstairs. She turns her attention back to the Blue Sire and they have a relatively friendly chat. By the end of it, Amadon is more composed and realizes some of the mistakes she made. Still, she is tired of puppet strings, Dragons, Gods, Syrwyn, she doesn’t care who they are from. She is sick and tired of puppet strings. Her and the Blue Sire reach some common ground and he explains how he expects her to fix her mistakes. She waits for her guest to leave and orders another drink for herself…

A near thing...

Amadon moves into the opening in the wall, blocking the giant reinforcements from coming through, and issues order to each of her companions. The Giant with Randoral’s sword pulls out a triangular crystal and suddenly Amadon becomes instantly weakened. Knowing that things are on the verge of death for her compnaions, Amadon takes drastic action. She casts a spell and disappears. With Amadon seemingly out of the picture, the giants begin killing off the companions one at a time. By the time Amadon reappears, only Metshina and Valaxtrathin are left standing. But it wasn’t just one Amadon that appeared. There were five of her and all of them began working in unison to take out the Giant leader. In a matter of seconds, the Amadons have killed the leader and four Amadon’s merge into one, leaving Amadon standing, battered and bruised. They wait for their companions to rez from the spell Viera had placed on them. Amadon focuses her healing kills on regaining the knowledge and strength the triangular crystal stole from her. With everyone back up and nearly everyone with their magics returned, Amadon contacts Randoral. Randoral responds in short, childlike phrases and Amadon knows the cystal was used on her as well. Aware that Randoral is in no way able to defend herself, Amadon rushes the group down the hallway to the large metal doors. Valaxtrathin suggests they heat then cool the door to get it open. Gunner uses his spell to coat the door in lava which Amadon quickly follows up with a blast of her icy breath weapon. The door shatters and they all rush into the room to see a Tiefling chained to the wall, Randoral chained to the floor, and an Ogre Mage holding a wand to Randoral’s stomach. The Ogre Mage looks to Amadon and tells her if they take one more step he will kill her. Amadon smiles at the Ogre Mage and tells him he is already dead. Then she casts a lightning spell, instantly killing the Mage. Amadon rushes to Randoral. she tells everyone that she needs the same healing that Amadon did. Gunner uses the last of his magic to begin to heal Randoral. After a few seconds, Randoral looks towards the Tiefling and explains that he saved her life. He insisted on taking her place on the wall. As she is explaining, Metshina and Valaxtrathin are fighting over the seemingly dead corpse of the Tiefling. It quickly becomes clear that he may have been saved if they hadn’t been fighting over him, but Amadon decides she will deal with that later. With Randoral back with the group, a mist settles over them and they reappear in the clearing with Alarca. Amadon notices that Rhovanel and the Tiefling are gone. She inquires about Rhovanel’s whereabouts. Alarca tells her that she is getting healing. Alarca explains that the group is going to be heading into the Star Points next and they have not been altered by Syrwyn like the ones in our world. They are more dangerous but they still have to be opened in order and what we need is in the 4th point of the Star. Amadon tells her that they need Devin. Amadon herself is in desperate need of healing and rest. Alarca explains that the rest of her companions have passed their tests and will be arriving shortly. Then she fades. Amadons looks up as Devin and Gavin approach. She runs up to Gavin and hugs him. Then she turns to Devin, smiles and hugs him as well. With renewed hope at the reunion of her Heroes Group, Amadon settles down for a much needed healing and rest.

The Failed Test

After the mist clears, the rest of Amadon’s group finds themselves in a clearing that is familiar to some. Having been to see Alriennen before, her clearing in the Ghost Wood is easily recognizable. However, it isn’t Alriennen that appears before the group but Alarca. Amadon immediately asks how her companions are doing and is visibly relieved when she hears that Scrael and another will be joining them shortly. There is however one of the companions that isn’t doing so well. She has failed her test, slipping further into the dream and into perilous danger. Alarca looks up towards the edge of the clearing as Scrael and Skill enter from the far side. Amadon’s smile is the only real clue to the depth of relief she feels at seeing her love and his sister. Amadon turns back towards Alarca telling her that she will not leave one of her own in that situation. Alarca explains that by delaying the next task she is possibly endangering others and their mission here. Amadon weighs this for a moment and then tells her again that she will not leave one of her own. They will go to help Randoral and then proceed on to the next task. Alarca addresses the entire group, telling them to rest while they can, she will be back shortly to send them to aid their companion. Amadon and Scrael separate themselves from the group for awhile to discuss what has happened so far and what their plan from here on out is. Everyone gets a brief rest before Alarca reappears. Alarca asks Amadon if she is sure this is what she wants to do at this point in time. Amadon responds to Alarca, telling her that she knows her well enough to know that it is her only option at this point. She will not abandon her companion. Alarca smiles and the mist envelopes Amadon and her group. When the mist clears, the group finds themselves deep in the earth in a cavern of some sort. They follow the path leading deeper until they reach a large, occupied room. In the room the group finds giants and trolls. It doesn’t take much for a massive battle to begin. The giants quickly gain reinforcements, one of whom is a giant carrying Randoral’s sword. Knowing from Alarca that Randoral is in trouble, not dead, Amadon assumes the family heirloom was confiscated from Randoral. This does not stop the rage that fills her heart at knowing her companion may have once again suffered horrible crimes at the hands of the giant. She wants blood in Randoral’s name. Blood she gets, unfortunately it is more of her companion’s blood then the giant’s blood. Metshina gives her life to put up a wall separating the giant reinforcements from the smaller initial group, buying Amadon and her companions valuable time. It doesn’t take the main giant long, using Randoral’s sword to break through the wall. With Scrael and Skill having gone down in the initial attacks and just recently being brought back to fighting status, Metshina dead, and others seriously injured, it is not looking good for the group of companions. Amadon decides she’s had enough and…


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