Ascension of the Alarcon

Where is David Bowie?!

Unaware of how the second Council meeting went, Amadon focuses her attention to the task at hand. Her and the companions need to open the first star point in the Otherworld. When everyone is prepared to go, a mist surrounds them and they appear on the road leading to the first point. Remembering the way, Metshina, Rhovanel, and V, run ahead, supposedly scouting, more playing. Amadon takes the opportunity to share with the Heroes everything that happened with the Council meeting, making sure that Kardak knows everything that is going on. As she is wrapping up the details, Metshina comes running up and announces that there are two towers in the distance. Amadon explains that it is the Goblin City where they are going. When they reach the two towers and gate, a goblin yells down that we are trespassing on Goblin lands and need to leave. Amadon informs the goblins that she needs to speak with their King. The Goblin that first spoke is hung upside down from the tower on a chain. Amadon goes and grabs him and brings him to the ground. The other two goblins teleport, leaving their companion. Amadon interrogates the goblin using Metshina as a threat. The goblin tries repeatedly to kill himself. He explains that the city is under the gate. About 60’ under the gate. Amadon has Gunner teleport down. When he doesn’t reappear, she send Rhovanel in spirit form. Rhovanel reappears shortly and informs Amadon she found nothing. Remembering the layout of the first star point in the material realm, Amadon tries to teleport but is instantly returned to her starting point. She has two ideas at this point…dig or teleport. She is planning on trying to teleport into different areas of the star point; the entry stairs, the urugal chamber, etc.



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