Ascension of the Alarcon

Jaw Dropper - From the Perspective of Gunner

On this day we retrieved our Hoards. After a few rumors of Metshina walking around impersonating men and women naked around the Keep we decided to have a few spars.

Valaxtrathin and Randarol were the first to go. After about 12 seconds of course Randarol was victorious! Gunner had called winner so so then Gunner was allow first go and used his heavy Crossbow. Dropping it to the ground he then flew into the air to cast a spell. With some strange cast or other ability Randarol switched spots with Gunner. Growing in size and falling on top of Gunner. Then holding Gunner in place, and doing would could only be called rump bouncing on top of him knocked him out.

The person who called winner of that match was Amadon against Randarol. About 7 seconds into the fight Randarol was on her back missing a leg, gut cut open and neck sliced. In about 3 more seconds Randarol did her last strike before falling unconscious which shattered and destroyed Amadon Greatsword.

As Randarol was carted, Amadon sought aid from Knackle and her grandfather in a new sword or fixing the current one. Seconds later Kazmir, The Magpie Man is before Amadon saying something, due to total shock Gunner doesn’t remember what was said.

As all eyes turned to Amadon we saw the seething anger and rage but to those who’d know to look at all of her not just her beautiful face would have noticed that the Alarcon is/was missing. Scrael bellowed an order to end training and everyone to assemble to retrieve the Alarcon.

Thirty seconds later, a ton of spells casted we set off to stop Kazmir from escaping through a portal to the Otherworld. Once we stepped from our teleport spell we saw the Portal to Otherworld about 150’ away. On top of this 30’ up from the ground and 30’ in front of the Portal hovered Gunner’s Blood Brother Avatus.

Quickly Gunner readied for any magic’s from his brother and sense a Compel spell casted so he waited to see which of Amadon friends and family would turn on her. After a few inter-changes of spells, melee, and/or ranged combat it turns out it was Scrael who was Compelled. Gunner having waited for this moment used his Signature Spell Slipped(teleport) away vanishing with Scrael about 3 miles into the air. Once removing one of the more dangerous party members away from us he Slipped back to the party only to find his Blood Brother possibly dead but gone.

If things couldn’t get worse we all froze. Veare appeared before a frozen Amadon talking to her and after a moment of words Amadon eludes in her words that this isn’t the real Veare, moments later the Magpie Man appeared throwing a pouch at Amadon’s feet and going through the Portal. The real Veare appeared disspelling what was on us and retrieving Scrael then casted Contingent Resurrection on us before our journey into the Otherworld. We followed Amadon into the Portal.

A few moments later we found ourselves in a partial wooded area with very low light around us Amadon flew up to see what she could see. Moments later she landed and explained that there was a Green Great Wyrm sleeping near by. Amadon asked Randarol to cut down a tree so that Metshina could cast a spell. The Green Great Wyrm then made the forest grow in around us as demanded to know what we were doing in it’s forest.

Amadon and the Great Green Wyrm talked, he left them alone and let them leave. Amadon then explained how to travel in this world and everyone linked arms and tried. When that didn’t happen we let go of each other and tried it again and one by one we vanished. When Gunner regained consciousness he was in a dry desert with a warm breeze above him, he looked around while shielding his eyes and saw first a scorpion about the size of his head. After dispatching that he looked around more, seeing a cliff edge near by he then saw a Blue Dragon larger then Xandraxius, Amadon’s grandfather. He heard before seeing Valaxtrathin in a cave. He buried a Greatsword in the ground to try and locate this spot again to get back to this dragon later and jumped into the cave before getting hit by the breath weapon of the dragon.

After a interchange of words with Valaxtrathin and Rhovanel he flew on down a tunnel that seemed to spiral downward he found Metshina in some kind floating hour-glass. After trying to break her out by either shooting the hour-glass or slipping her out(teleport) found all his abilities were in fact doing damage to her. In fact anything he did caused her wounds to either enlarge and bleed more or the hour-glass to turn more. Then some strange stone spider appeared on top of it which seemed freak out Metshina. After someone or something caused the hour-glass to swing down and break, it threw Metshina into a hole in the wall. She then shifted into her raven form and flew off.

A few minutes later we were reunited with Amadon and what looked like the dead body of Scrael Amadon asked us to put out the candles around his body, there were four of them, we then appeared in a new place. A room that seemed to have a floor made of clear quartz crystal. After flying up into the air to look out a window and seeing nothing Gunner turned back to tell them there was nothing out there. Looking down he saw that we were on top of the Alarcon. There were three large crystals embedded in the floor. Green, Blue, and Red. They seemed to be moving like normal but at an incredibly slow speed. After a long moment of silence from Amadon we vanished.



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