Ascension of the Alarcon

The Failed Test

After the mist clears, the rest of Amadon’s group finds themselves in a clearing that is familiar to some. Having been to see Alriennen before, her clearing in the Ghost Wood is easily recognizable. However, it isn’t Alriennen that appears before the group but Alarca. Amadon immediately asks how her companions are doing and is visibly relieved when she hears that Scrael and another will be joining them shortly. There is however one of the companions that isn’t doing so well. She has failed her test, slipping further into the dream and into perilous danger. Alarca looks up towards the edge of the clearing as Scrael and Skill enter from the far side. Amadon’s smile is the only real clue to the depth of relief she feels at seeing her love and his sister. Amadon turns back towards Alarca telling her that she will not leave one of her own in that situation. Alarca explains that by delaying the next task she is possibly endangering others and their mission here. Amadon weighs this for a moment and then tells her again that she will not leave one of her own. They will go to help Randoral and then proceed on to the next task. Alarca addresses the entire group, telling them to rest while they can, she will be back shortly to send them to aid their companion. Amadon and Scrael separate themselves from the group for awhile to discuss what has happened so far and what their plan from here on out is. Everyone gets a brief rest before Alarca reappears. Alarca asks Amadon if she is sure this is what she wants to do at this point in time. Amadon responds to Alarca, telling her that she knows her well enough to know that it is her only option at this point. She will not abandon her companion. Alarca smiles and the mist envelopes Amadon and her group. When the mist clears, the group finds themselves deep in the earth in a cavern of some sort. They follow the path leading deeper until they reach a large, occupied room. In the room the group finds giants and trolls. It doesn’t take much for a massive battle to begin. The giants quickly gain reinforcements, one of whom is a giant carrying Randoral’s sword. Knowing from Alarca that Randoral is in trouble, not dead, Amadon assumes the family heirloom was confiscated from Randoral. This does not stop the rage that fills her heart at knowing her companion may have once again suffered horrible crimes at the hands of the giant. She wants blood in Randoral’s name. Blood she gets, unfortunately it is more of her companion’s blood then the giant’s blood. Metshina gives her life to put up a wall separating the giant reinforcements from the smaller initial group, buying Amadon and her companions valuable time. It doesn’t take the main giant long, using Randoral’s sword to break through the wall. With Scrael and Skill having gone down in the initial attacks and just recently being brought back to fighting status, Metshina dead, and others seriously injured, it is not looking good for the group of companions. Amadon decides she’s had enough and…



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