A platinum disc on a chain with a crystal center in which 3 small jewels can be seen drifting in concentric circles.


Carried by: Amadon Siannodel

Int: 4

Total Charges: 18
Current Charges: 18
Permanent Hide.

Dreamsight at will.

3 Charges to set an anchor point.
1 Charge to go back to the anchor point.
8 Charges for timestop.
2 Charges can go back to the second to last anchor point.
3 Charges, 1 Token can step myself and 1 willing, adjacent person 2-5 rds into the future as an immediate action.

Triggers if: Amadon dies.
Triggers if: removed without Amadon’s consent.
Trigger: With permission, if borrow violates any details of agreement or gives any indication of betrayal.

Sets an anchor: moment before functions are suppressed or interrupted
Sets an anchor: unassigned

Attuned: Amadon, Alarca, Myradiel, Titan, Scrael, Metshina, Vander, and Kathryna.



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