The Half-Bloods are beings who are infused with the essence of the extinct race of the Uruguul, giving them the inherent ability to attain demigod-like power. The first Half-Bloods were literally the children of matings between mortals and Uruguul, but someone discovered a way to artificially transform ordinary mortals into Half-Bloods, at which point their numbers swelled dramatically.

Unfortunately, all Half-Bloods who surpass the threshold of mortal power fall victim to a kind of madness, causing them to become increasingly self-focused, paranoid, and unstable. In time, this led to an ever-escalating battle – now referred to as the War of Madness – which nearly resulted in the destruction of Faradel.

It was at this point that the Heroes of Faradel, assembled and led by the famous Syrwyn the Sage, began to eliminate the maddened Half-Bloods. For a time, the Heroes destroyed those whom they could locate, but at some point it appears that they changed tactics and began constructing prisons to contain them instead, possibly due to concerns that Half-Bloods who died increased the power of an enigmatic being known as the White Lady. Eventually, only the surviving Heroes and a small number of other Half-Bloods who had joined their cause remained, and the threat was ended. For centuries, the Half-Bloods existed only in histories and legends left from the Time of Madness.

But now, for reasons that few understand, Half-Bloods are appearing in the land once more.

As the numbers of Half-Bloods in the land grew, two forces began polarizing them. Amadon Sionodel adopted a policy of bringing those Half-Bloods that she encountered into her growing organization, whilst House Manticore began aggressively recruiting those that they could find, and training them to use their natural ability to learn multiple skills efficiently. In particular, they focused on teaching lesser experienced Half-Bloods to combine combat and spellcasting skills effectively, with an eye towards maximizing their ability to defeat those who might oppose them.

Unfortunately, neither skill nor numbers enabled the House to survive a devastating assault by the ancient Half-Blood known as The Titan. Over the course of his brief visit to Faradel, the Titan effectively destroyed nearly half of the Half-Bloods in the realm.

The majority of the surviving Half-Bloods are now pledged in service to Amadon, with an unknown number of Half-Bloods still operating as free agents.


Ascension of the Alarcon Syrwyn