Ascension of the Alarcon

Mama Drama

Amadon and her group of companions appear near Amadon’s childhood home. There is a bend in the road leading up to the house, blocked by a man. Amadon approaches him and tells him to let her pass, it is her home. He refuses and the fight begins. Amadon and her companions quickly defeat the man and Valaxtrathin takes his staff. They continue on to the house. Once inside Amadon hears a familiar voice coming up from the cellar. Amadon shakes her head and starts repeating “no, no, no” out loud. The voice asks who is in her home. Amadon braces her self and answers “It’s me, mother.” Amadon struggles as her and her mother have an emotionally charged reunion. Knowing that her task here is to put a restless spirit at peace, Amadon finally finds the right words that release her mother’s spirit…I forgive you. Amadon struggles through the whole conversation and after her mother’s spirit is released, she finds the emotional struggle continuing. She composes herself enough to continue down into the cellar with her companions as a blizzard appears from out of nowhere destroying the house above them. In the cellar Amadon learns of her mother’s hoard in a vault and of the deaths of two of the servants of her home who passed miserably since they wouldn’t abandon their post and had been left with no way to sustain themselves. Amadon’s guilt is well hidden. Rhovanel uses her spirit abilities to prevent the spirits from harming the group and even convinces them to leave them alone. Gunner uses his portal ability to drop the vault into a portal. Amadon is not actually sure she even wants the vault, but lets them take it anyway. She has already come to the decision that it will not be opened. She tells everyone to focus on the alarcon room and closes her eyes.



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