Ascension of the Alarcon

The Necromancer's Orb

With the understanding of how dire the situation is, Amadon and the group head to the Necromancer’s lair to recover the orb that Alarca needs. When the mist lightens but doesn’t actually clear, everyone feels this uneasy sense that seems to permeate the mist and group around them. It is unearthly silent here and there is a sense of absence; absence of life, absence of light, absence of good. The mist, although still lingering, lifts so that it is hanging above their heads, like a heavy blanket just waiting to settle down and suffocate them. Looking around, Amadon sees a large grassy area that has a scattering of trees. She starts heading straight for the center of it.

As they approach near a huge tree, they are able to see the nooses hanging down from the lower branches all around the tree. They continue on until, as Scrael walks by the tree, a noose swings out and grabs Scrael. At nearly the same instant, Metshina bursts into flames and expands into her huge fungus form. Amadon is hit by a branch as Devin is grabbed by another rope. Black mist starts seeping up from the ground. Silvan frees Devin but injures him in the process, as Scrael climbs the rope and breaks the branch holding the rope that grabbed him. Devin casts a healing spell and Amadon notices the bark ripple and a split appear on the tree. With the new information, Amadon uses her healing touch on the tree and it audibly groans in pain. Kardak, Randoral, and Gavin all attack the tree and in a final tree splintering attack, Metshina, still in her huge, burning fungus form stomps on the tree crushing whatever remained into a fine, dusty pulp.

The group continues forward about 100’ when they see a massive crater with smoke coming out of a hole in the center. Pulling out the guide bat Alarca gave them, Amadon strides forward toward the center of the crater. The bat indicates that they need to continue down the hole. Holding the end of the magic rope, Amadon braces herself so everyone can climb down with her last bringing the end of the rope with her.

Inside the pit, there is an overwhelming stench that permeates everything, including the knee deep water the group is standing in. Devin casts day light allowing everyone to become aware of the large brown lumps floating in the putrid water.

The bat indicates that we need to continue going downwards. Amadon nods at Scrael who takes a deep breath and dives until the water. The thick waves of Scrael’s departure cause one of the brown lumps to lightly bump into Silvan’s leg. Suddenly, the brown lump shoots up out of the water and tries to bite him and then plunges under the water.

Scrael reappears and tells everyone to follow him and then dives back under again. A second brown worm jumps onto Randoral and attaches to her side. Amadon grabs the attached worm and casts chill touch. She then uses her claws to pry the attached worm off Randoral. Amadon and Devin instantly get to work on Randoral, realizing that the nasty wound on her side is mummy rot. Between the two of them, they are able to get all the nastiness removed and finally heal Randoral.

Amadon quickly has everyone tie the magic rope around themselves so no one gets separated, and has Kardak grab the slowest swimmer. Everyone takes the plunge into the water. They swim through the long tunnel, barely making it to the end before they run out of breath.

As everyone is emerging from the water, Amadon hears combat and with no visual on Scrael, she has a pretty good idea who is fighting! Amadon quickly moves forward the rest of the way out of the water and sees Scrael surrounded by skeletons. Devin walks up next to Amadon, raises his holy symbol, and says a prayer to his Goddess. The skeletons shatter into a dust that quickly settles to the floor.

Everyone gathers together and then continue on. A little ways further down, they run into a split in hallway. Amadon pulls the bat back out and it indicates between the two hallways. Taking this to mean that both hallways lead around, Amadon takes the right path. Following the hallway, it eventually leads into a large open room where there is a woman crouched down with her back to the entrance. Amadon steps forward and the woman stands and turns around. The woman smiles and says to the group how it has been a long time since she has had guests.



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