Ascension of the Alarcon

A near thing...

Amadon moves into the opening in the wall, blocking the giant reinforcements from coming through, and issues order to each of her companions. The Giant with Randoral’s sword pulls out a triangular crystal and suddenly Amadon becomes instantly weakened. Knowing that things are on the verge of death for her compnaions, Amadon takes drastic action. She casts a spell and disappears. With Amadon seemingly out of the picture, the giants begin killing off the companions one at a time. By the time Amadon reappears, only Metshina and Valaxtrathin are left standing. But it wasn’t just one Amadon that appeared. There were five of her and all of them began working in unison to take out the Giant leader. In a matter of seconds, the Amadons have killed the leader and four Amadon’s merge into one, leaving Amadon standing, battered and bruised. They wait for their companions to rez from the spell Viera had placed on them. Amadon focuses her healing kills on regaining the knowledge and strength the triangular crystal stole from her. With everyone back up and nearly everyone with their magics returned, Amadon contacts Randoral. Randoral responds in short, childlike phrases and Amadon knows the cystal was used on her as well. Aware that Randoral is in no way able to defend herself, Amadon rushes the group down the hallway to the large metal doors. Valaxtrathin suggests they heat then cool the door to get it open. Gunner uses his spell to coat the door in lava which Amadon quickly follows up with a blast of her icy breath weapon. The door shatters and they all rush into the room to see a Tiefling chained to the wall, Randoral chained to the floor, and an Ogre Mage holding a wand to Randoral’s stomach. The Ogre Mage looks to Amadon and tells her if they take one more step he will kill her. Amadon smiles at the Ogre Mage and tells him he is already dead. Then she casts a lightning spell, instantly killing the Mage. Amadon rushes to Randoral. she tells everyone that she needs the same healing that Amadon did. Gunner uses the last of his magic to begin to heal Randoral. After a few seconds, Randoral looks towards the Tiefling and explains that he saved her life. He insisted on taking her place on the wall. As she is explaining, Metshina and Valaxtrathin are fighting over the seemingly dead corpse of the Tiefling. It quickly becomes clear that he may have been saved if they hadn’t been fighting over him, but Amadon decides she will deal with that later. With Randoral back with the group, a mist settles over them and they reappear in the clearing with Alarca. Amadon notices that Rhovanel and the Tiefling are gone. She inquires about Rhovanel’s whereabouts. Alarca tells her that she is getting healing. Alarca explains that the group is going to be heading into the Star Points next and they have not been altered by Syrwyn like the ones in our world. They are more dangerous but they still have to be opened in order and what we need is in the 4th point of the Star. Amadon tells her that they need Devin. Amadon herself is in desperate need of healing and rest. Alarca explains that the rest of her companions have passed their tests and will be arriving shortly. Then she fades. Amadons looks up as Devin and Gavin approach. She runs up to Gavin and hugs him. Then she turns to Devin, smiles and hugs him as well. With renewed hope at the reunion of her Heroes Group, Amadon settles down for a much needed healing and rest.



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