D&D 3.5 Token Revision (Homebrew system)

The version of the D&D 3.5 system that we employ for our game is a massive revision of the traditional system (3.5 RAW), utilizing materials borrowed from Malhavok Press’ Arcana Evolved, Iron Heroes and Books of Might, as well as material from Paizo Publishing’s Pathfinder, from D&D 4E, and a considerable amount of material drawn from a wide variety of OGL 3rd party publishers for D&D 3.5, as well as no small amount of original material. This page will introduce the primary modifications and then link to the individual classes for specific info.

Token Pools: Each of the D&D core classes has been augmented with a token pool used to power certain abilities specific to the given class. Multi-class play allows the character(s) to use tokens to power abilities for each class as they desire. Each character begins play with 4 tokens plus a number based on a given ability score modifier, denoted in the individual class descriptions, and gains an additional 2 tokens plus the given modifier (unmodified by magic items or effects) at each level. Token pools are replenished following an extended rest (8 hours).

For specific details on each class, see the following:


D&D 3.5 Token Revision (Homebrew system)

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